Which RZ Mask™ is Best for You

How should you choose the best RZ Mask™ for your needs? Not surprisingly, this is one of the most common questions we receive. Rest assured that, no matter which RZ Mask™ you choose, you’ll receive best-in-class performance, with 99.9% particulate filtration down to 0.1 micron in size – far exceeding the popular N95 standard. 


M1 Neoprene 

The M1 is the original RZ Mask™. It is constructed out of neoprene, which is a key material in wetsuits, electrical insulation, and orthopedic braces. The characteristics of neoprene make the M1 ideal for cold to mild weather – or low intensity activity that won’t cause significant sweating. The mask is secured to the head with a single strap around the back of the neck. This allows the user to quickly and easily apply and remove the mask. 


M2 Mesh 

The M2 was created to meet the needs of customers that required a more breathable material. The mesh construction of the M2 makes it ideal in mild to warm weather, or any activity that will work up a sweat. The M2 features the same single strap as the M1.

We also offer the special M2 Nylon. The nylon material allows us to print unique graphics and designs – keeping you stylish and safe at the same time. 


M2.5 Mesh 

The M2.5 mask builds on the foundation of the standard mesh M2. It adds a unique and adjustable two-strap system – one around the neck, and one over the crown of the head. The second strap slightly increases the time it takes to apply the mask to your head, but adds extra security for activities involving drastic movements. It is also ideal for situations that require wearing your mask continuously for long periods (2 hours or longer). 


Choosing Your RZ MASK™ 

The best way to choose your ideal RZ Mask™ is to consider the ambient temperature, and your amount of physical exertion (with cooler temperatures favor the neoprene M1, and hotter temperatures favoring the mesh M2 and M2.5). Next, consider how long you’ll be wearing your RZ Mask™ without removal, and the level of strap adjustment desired.

No matter what RZ Mask™ you choose, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the quality, longevity, and value over any of the competition. 


Included With All RZ Masks™ 

Regardless of which one you choose, all RZ Masks™ come standard with two of our F1 Active Carbon Filters, one of which comes already installed in the mask. Our V1 one-way exhalation valves, valve tool, extension trap, and storage bag to help keep your mask and extra filters clean when not in use. 


Note On Sizing

We offer three size options for all RZ Masks™ - medium, large, and extra large, along with three corresponding filter sizes. Before ordering your mask, please take a look through our online Sizing & Fitting Guide, to ensure the best fit for you.

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