RZ Mask Review from Pro Chainsaw Sculptor

I work as a professional Chainsaw Sculptor...just bought the M1 mask as I heard good things from fellow professionals across the globe. Liked it so much I bought a backup.  
For years I struggled with fogging glasses and annoying inefficient face masks.  I finally dished out the cion to get one of these and WOW huge difference in quality when compared to various styles and brands!
I can now comfortably work inside and out with this mask no worries no issues!  Excellent for filtering small particles when sanding as well as paint and saw fumes.
No fogging glasses even on cold winter day.  Face is warm and air is Fresh!  
I now make a habit of putting my mask on when I would risk my health for the sake of comfort or visibility all too often.
RZ mask may have very well saved this woodworker from a lot of lung issues down the road.  For the sake of your health comfort and safety I'd highly recommend RZ masks.
My girlfriend is a lazer technitian specialist and I will be looking into ordering one for her to use in her clinic.
A great product with so many applications!

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