RZ® Introduces Exhalation Valve Caps!

RZ Industries® is dedicated to bringing you the most innovative products for your protection and safety. Whether it’s our sleek mask designs, our industry-leading filters, or any of our premium accessories – We Got You®!

With that said, the world is always changing, and the crew at RZ® is up-to-the-task. Our V1 and V2 valves offer top-notch airflow for your exhaled breath – efficiently removing moisture, and leading to superb long-term comfort. However, with evolving public safety concerns and regulations, some states and medical facilities now encourage or require a slight update to this design. 

In response, RZ Industries® introduced our new patent-pending Exhalation Valve Caps. These do not allow any air to pass through the valves – forcing 100% of your exhaled breath back out through the mask filter. This design helps to prevent the spread of airborne particulates or germs to those around you in tight indoor spaces. Exhalation Valve Caps are compatible with all RZ Mask® models, and can be installed in moments. 

We offer Exhalation Valve Caps in two colors: black, and limited-edition teal. Teal was introduced to mimic hospital scrubs – honoring the hard work of front-line healthcare workers around the world! 

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