How to Change RZ Filters & Valves

Depending on the type of activity you’re doing, filters are good for anywhere from 20 – 60+ hours of use. When the time comes to replace your filter or valves, follow this step-by-step process.

Step 1:
Turn the valve on the inside of your mask counterclockwise until the back releases from the front. Grab a new filter to replace your used one and now would be a good time clean the outside of your mask if its dirty.

Step 2:
Place the back of the valve with the clear diaphragm through the filter, then place through the mask material

Step 3:
Once the back of the valve is through both the filter and mask, grab the top valve and look where the inner indentations are. You will want to line up the tabs on the top valve with the indents on the bottom valve.


Step 4:
When the front and back of the valve connect together, turn the back of the valve clockwise about 90 degrees or until it can no longer turn anymore.

Step 5:
Repeat step 3 & 4 to the other valve.

Step 6:
Now your mask should be complete! If you are using the V1 valves, make sure the vent is facing down. If they are not, take off the front of the valve and make sure the brackets on the right (0 degrees) and left side (180 degrees). 


Wondering how to wash your RZ Mask®? Watch the video below 






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