DIY Project of the Month: How to Upgrade Your Furniture

Just about anyone can be a DIYer, the key is knowing what steps to take and what products to use. If you have an old piece of furniture that is outdated but you LOVE it, a fresh coat of paint can make the world of difference. We asked Helen, owner of Revival of the Thriftest, for a step-by-step on how to transform an old piece of furniture into something new with paint. 

See Helen in action as she transforms an old desk into something special!

Each step includes Helen's product recommendations and uses so you can create a similar project at home.

  1. Clean your furniture piece: It's best to start off with a clean piece. I use a degreasing cleaner called “White Lightening” by Dixie Belle®. 

  2. Fix Cracks: If you have found your piece has cracks or nail holes that you don't want anymore, fill them with wood filler. I like to use Bondo® Wood Filler for my painted pieces. 

  3. Sand: Whether you are lightly scuff sanding or sanding down to natural wood, you’ll need a durable and powerful sander! I use the cordless Sandeck by Worx Tools®. Of course, wear you PPE and RZ Mask dust mask for DIY and sanding. 

  4. Prime: Every furniture piece is different, and not all require a primer, though I've found that 85% of the time you WILL need a primer. My favorites (by Dixie Belle®):
    • BOSS Primer (this is perfect for everyday projects and blocks odors, stains, etc.)
    • Slick Stick Primer (great for projects that are not wood and can’t really be sanded—metal, plastic, MDF board, glass, etc.

  5. Paint/Stain: I love the chalk paint look for my projects, and really prefer water-based paints and stains in general which is great because my RZ Mask filters out the odors in the water-based paints and stains. This is also the time where I love to add an eye-catching design element. One way of doing that is by using a stencil! 
    • I use the Chalk Mineral Paint line and Silk Mineral Paint line by Dixie Belle®.
    • For stains, I use Dixie Belle’s® water-based stain from their Voodoo Gel Stains.

  6. Seal your masterpiece: This is a step most forget about. Seal your piece to protect the paint or stain you just put on. The sealer will make it last longer. (Products by Dixie Belle®)
    • Best Everyday Sealer: Best Dang Wax (clear, black, gray)
    • Heavy Duty Sealer (water based): Gator Hide



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