Celebrate Small Business Saturday with RZ®

With the holiday shopping season approaching, RZ Industries® is proud to celebrate Small Business Saturday. Created in 2010, Small Business Saturday occurs on the weekend following Thanksgiving. It stands in contrast to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which focus on big box retail and large e-commerce retailers. As the name suggests, Small Business Saturday is all about encouraging shoppers to buy from small, local, and brick-and-mortar businesses. RZ® is proud to be an American-owned-and-operated small business, and we sincerely appreciate your support!

Our company had very humble beginnings, and was born from a simple idea. Our founder, Steve Torbenson, is an avid outdoorsman – but dealt with constant sinus infections due to dust, pollen, and other airborne contaminants. Steve is also a father of four boys, and couldn’t stand seeing his sons come back from riding ATVs covered in dust – and knowing the harmful effects it was having on their lungs.

Unable to find high quality masks that satisfied his needs, Steve founded RZ Industries® in 2010, and launched the M1 Neoprene mask. While it was originally aimed at the power sports industry, RZ® quickly began receiving inquiries from a wide array of other customers, including agriculture, first responders, construction, woodworking, and more.

Today, RZ® is known as the market leader in air filtration masks. Our product line has grown to include new styles and new materials, keeping you and your family comfortable and safe no matter what’s in the air. RZ Masks® are washable, reusable, and filter up to 99.9% of particulates down to .1 micron in size – 400 times smaller than a human hair! As a company, RZ® now employs over 28 great people, who are proud to sell the World’s Best Reusable Air Filtration Mask®!

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