7 Holiday Gift Ideas from RZ®

The holidays are just around the corner, and nothing spreads cheer like the gift of comfort and safety! RZ Industries® is proud to offer our top gift ideas for 2020, featuring a host of innovative, effective, and fun options to give to your loved ones – no matter what the occasion! 


M2 Mesh

The RZ® M2 Mesh is our second-generation design, and the most popular RZ Mask®. It features a highly breathable, comfortable, and durable mesh fabric construction that helps to keep you comfortable in a variety of conditions. The M2 features a single strap hook-and-loop closure, aiding in quick installation and removal of the mask. Whether you’re in to woodworking, motorsports, or just want protection from germs and other airborne particulates – the M2 will get the job done!


M2.5 Mesh

The RZ® M2.5 Mesh is a slightly different take on our popular M2 Mesh. Both feature the same highly breathable, comfortable, and durable mesh fabric construction that helps to keep you cool on even the hottest summer days. However, rather than using the single strap closure of the M2, the M2.5 opts for a flexible dual elastic strap system with quick-release buckles. This adds an extra touch of security and comfort, making it ideal for exercise and movement, or when you must wear your mask for an extended time.


Replacement Filters

Genuine replacement filters are a must-have for any RZ® customer. All RZ® filters have been laboratory proven to be up to 99.9% effective at removing particles and germs down to .1 micron in size – a staggering 400 times smaller than a human hair! This also surpasses the N95 standard, which filters 95% of particulates down to .3 micron.

We have three different styles – F1, F2, and F3. For more information on how to choose the best one, check out our recent filter blog!


Exhalation Valve Caps

Our Patent Pending Exhalation Valve Caps are an alternative to our standard V1 and V2 one-way exhalation valves.

One-way valves offer an improved flow rate while you exhale air, helping to eliminate moisture from your face and mask. In contrast, our new Exhalation Valve Caps do not allow any air to pass through the valves – causing 100% of your exhaled breath pass through the mask filter. This design helps to further prevent the spread of airborne particulate or germs to those around you in tight indoor spaces. Some states now encourage or require this design, and we suggest checking with your local authorities.


Mask Cleanser

RZ® Mask Cleanser is designed to keep your RZ Mask® and filters germ-free and odor-free, with no rinsing required! It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the RZ Mask® fans in your family!

Just apply a few pumps on to the target surface, air dry, and enjoy a clean, residue-free mask! Our cleanser is made with hypochlorous – a natural germ killer, and naturally-occurring chemical. It’s even great for hands, skin, and other surfaces! 


RZ® Hoodie

The RZ® pullover hoodie is comfortable for all-around wear. With a 52/48 cotton/poly-suede blend, our hoodie is incredibly soft and strong. Now you can stay warm and be stylish for both work and play. 

Check out all of our RZ® apparel here!

Noise Reduction Ear Plugs

RZ® Noise Reduction Earplugs are the perfect way to quickly and easily protect the ears of your family... or the entire job site! One jar includes 80 pairs of plugs in assorted colors. They reduce noise by an incredible 32db, offering significant protection for minimal cost. The soft foam construction easily conforms to any ear shape, keeping your ears safe and comfortable.

Not a fan of in-ear protection? We also offer premium-quality Earmuffs!



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