Law Enforcement Officer Investigates RZ Mask

   Let’s talk about RZ Masks. I have worked in Law Enforcement for two different
agencies in two different states compiling 17 years of experience. I currently work
in a city Police Department in Northern MN. I have had to the opportunity to
work in many positions in this career field. With that said, needless to say as we
all do in this profession have come across some gruesome things. One thing that
always got to me is some of the odors associated with these incidents. So when I
was recently contacted by Joe Klatte, from RZ Masks, he got my attention. Joe
told me about his product that he thought could be useful to our officers. I am a
sucker for listening to yet another sales pitch, but I sure am glad I did. I am not
going to get into to how these masks work, all I can say is that it does! Joe was
kind enough to send us a few and let us have a go at them.

   As we all are, I was skeptical about this mask, but figured what do I
have to lose. Heck it had to be better than cotton swabs dunked in Vicks up the
nose…. The masks came in in various sizes and styles. First off they are very 
comfortable to wear, easy to have in your duty bag and do not take up much
space. You can even easily fit them in a cargo pocket. I can see so many different
applications for these in our field but the top one for me is smell. Without a
doubt, these masks made a big difference! Making sure you have a good seal is
important but when you do, man does it knock out the smell. I won’t say 100%
but, I don’t think that you could get much better unless you are in a SCBA (self-
contained breathing apparatus). Another great application, being in northern
Minnesota is taking the cold air off your face. Nothing like standing in the open
with a brisk North wind in your face! How nice and easy to take out your mask
and put it on. Great for training with OC spray also, no one likes an inadvertent
OC mist, aka: pepper spray, in the face. I could think of many more but I will leave
that to you. Very easy to change out the filter and keep to it clean for multiple
uses. At a low cost it is worth giving it a try to see for yourself!

Thank You RZ Industries



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