RZ Industries M2 Mask

I really don’t like wearing dust masks in the shop. I try to catch the dust right off the Machine and try not to let it go airborne. I have tried just about all types of masks being dust mask or respirators and I never liked any of them. Some of them made me feel claustrophobic, sweaty and just terribly and comfortable. And none of them have ever been safety glass friendly. Either fogging up the glasses or having straps interfere with the temple sides. And I don’t care to shave all my facial hair so one of those rubber type fit Per manufacturers recommendations .
I came across this mask watching a video on YouTube By April Wilkerson . She gave it a good review http://youtu.be/drzS76g8LhE
Go to 2:40

I Oder one and I do like this new dust mask. Light weight. One strap, ez on and off and doesn’t get in the way of my glasses. And no fogged up glass. It fillers out to .1 micron that’s really good. I know that there are better type of dust protection, like a full face respirator but the best one is the one that you are most likely to wear.

Here is info on them and a special offer for woodworkers

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