RZ Mask has changed my life

Congratulations RZ on your five year anniversary. I too am celebrating a five year anniversary. Five

years ago, I received a lifesaving bi-lateral (double) lung transplant.

Before my transplant, I had been an avid outdoorsman with hunting, and fishing at the top of my

favorite activities. I thought that after the lung transplant I would have to give up that part of my life

and in fact I did just that for several years. Then I was fortunate enough to discover the RZ Mask.

I guess that most people are aware that breathing in dust particles, allergens, and just ordinary pollution

can be harmful to their health; but lung transplant recipients in particular have to be even more aware

of these threats and more protective when it comes to filtering out airborne particles.

I live in West Texas where more often than not the wind blows and the dust flies. I trust my RZ mask to

protect me and my new lungs. I particularly love the camouflage version of the RZ Mask. For hunting it

is the best and most practical form of protection that I’ve found anywhere. Thank you RZ. You have

given me back the great outdoor life that I thought I had lost.

I got a second chance at life because a young man decided to become an organ donor……….I get to more

fully enjoy that second chance because of my RZ Mask.

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