RZ Mask - Thin, lightweight and reusable

RZ Mask

   This is a great little item to carry whether you are on the dusty trails or just working in the shop. We all know after a good dry summer days ride with a few buddies that you eat a lot of dust on the trail which can't be good for us but most of us neglect to do anything about it, Generally we just eat the dust and go on. With the cheap masks that block some of the dust and then have to be replaced after every ride I personally understand but with the option of the RZ Mask we have no more excuses. Not only is the RZ Mask thin, light weight, and reusable but it is available in multiple colors and has cheap replacement filters at your disposal. This mask seals to your face like no cheap mask can do and at a reasonable price.

   This mask covers the lower portion of you face and does not move once installed securely with the Velcro attachments. This mask is a thin design to allow use with or without a helmet which is great for us atv and utv riders as well as anyone else who spends time in a dusty environment..

In conclusion I have found the RZ Mask to not only be useful on the trails but very useful when performing tasks around the house such as when doing yard work or in the shop fabricating and it does this all at a very reasonable price.

Source: Mud and Guts Offroad

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