RZ Industries pitches latest filtration mask to landscapers

In the busiest season for landscapers – not to mention the hottest and (usually) driest – it may be a good time to check out RZ Industries’ M2-Mesh Air Filtration Mask. Recently introduced by the Minnesota company, the M2-Mesh contains a HEPA, or high-efficiency particulate air, filtration system.

The company touts the following advantages of its new mask design:

  • Abrasion-resistant mesh exterior allows for easier air flow and keeps you cool.
  • Elastic side straps allow for a more precise fit to different head shapes and sizes.
  • Even more lightweight than RZ Industries’ neoprene mask.
  • Will accept RZ’s current active carbon filter.
  • Dual directional exhalation valves expel breath out and away from glasses/goggles.

The company says the mask’s HEPA filter is 99.9 percent effective in stopping particulate matter and allows for 124 percent more breathability than a standard paper mask. Filters are easily removed and replaced. The mask is washable; remove filters and valves before machine washing.

Source: Total Landscape Care

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